About the CCHL

The CCHL began as a development league founded by the Montreal Canadiens in 1961.  Seeking a place in Ontario for its' prospects, the league was built and used as a prime source until the draft system changed in the late sixties.  By the seventies, teams were among the best in Canada.  A reemphasis on development took place in the eighties when the Central league created rules and regulations that ensured younger rosters and an emphasis on development.

This philosphy remains, as the CCHL is annually a league sending a large number of young players to higher levels.

Players from all over North America have enjoyed success playing in the Central Canada Hockey League.  For many players, the CCHL is a stepping stone to the NCAA.  Every year dozens of players accept Division 1 hockey scholarships from the CCHL and even more advance to Division 3 hockey and the CIS.  Young players advance every year to the Ontario Hockey League and most seasons there are selections from the CCHL directly to the National Hockey League.

What makes the CCHL an ideal destination?  First, the CCHL has the least amount of travel of any league at this level in North America.  From one end to another, the longest trip is slightly over 3 hours.  The average trip is under an hour and many teams have several road trips just minutes away.

Centrally located in the Ottawa region, the twelve teams miss zero school days as a result of the very full 55 game schedule.  Even classes are seldom missed as a result of travel with less than 10 per year the norm.

The CCHL provides it's players with a high calibre of play that current NHLers like Claude Giroux, Devon Levi, Jack Quinn, Mackenzie Weegar, and Ben Hutton used, among dozens more in the NHL, to advance to the NCAA or CHL.  By providing a high level of play, minimal travel and a strong emphasis on development, this may be the ideal place for you.

Teams provide their players with guaranteed practice/game ratios and off ice fitness is mandatory for all programs.  By providing access to this training, players can fully develop on and off the ice.

The CCHL has a league Academic Advisor who liaises with the team advisors to ensure players are not only prepared academically for their next step, but also taking proper preparatory courses while playing.

The CCHL uses CCM equipment exclusively and has an innovative program ensuring players receive new equipment each season that they take with them after the year ends.  Goalies also benefit from custom pro pads, gloves and all players use the best equipment available.

Teams conduct baseline concussion testing for all players to ensure any injury is properly managed and all rehabilitation is conducted with the full attention of the proper medical personnel.

After games, players are provided with nutritious post-event meals to ensure they have the proper fuel to continue on the next day for school and hockey.

If you want to pursue an opportunity in the CCHL, contact us and we can help you find your way to our free agent camp if you are from outside the area, or advise you on our regulations and draft if you are from the area.